We help campaigns, grassroots organisations, think tanks and NGOs to develop their strategy, focusing on the interface between digital technology and social change.

Digital strategy

We work in direct collaboration with you to build a deep understanding of your goals, challenges and needs. We’ll use this to look for opportunities for how you could better use digital technology to express your organisational vision and achieve your political goals.

Common Knowledge were brilliant to work with on our review of the 2019 General Election when we commissioned them to do a strategic review of Labour's organising methods and digital operations. Combining systems analysis with more in-depth interviews, they were able to draft an incredibly useful contribution which identified not only the higher level systemic problems, but also some highly practical and concrete recommendations we could incorporate. They are very easy to work with and go above and beyond to make sure the projects they take on have significant genuine measurable outcomes. They rarely shy away from harder to solve problems and operate with real integrity and transparency. In our review team they were very open to collaborating with others and highly cognisant of the wider longer term impact of their work. I'd fully recommend them to any organisation grappling with a digital challenge.

Hannah O’Rourke, Director of Labour Together

Organisational coaching

We can run one-on-one sessions where we explore and reflect upon your organisational or strategic issues. We’ll help you clarify your vision, introduce new organisational practices and reflect on your approach so that you can be more effective and intentional in your work. When it comes to direct campaigning work, we work with you to articulate a strategy, identify leverages and integrate digital work holistically.

We've worked with Common Knowledge on technical roadmapping, organisational consultation and much in between. For us, their unique value is in their attentiveness and respect towards our organisation's ethos, ambitions, idiosyncrasies and limitations. Whatever conundrum you're trying to work through: they get you. At every level throughout our work together, we really felt that Common Knowledge were invested in helping us succeed in our aims, and they've become our go-to collaborators on a range of operational projects.

Craig Gent, Head of Operations, Novara Media

Community building

Membership organisations are just a collection of bodies to be mobilised. They’re made up of people who are searching for connection, meaning and purpose. They need to be built on trust and relationships. We can help you find ways to deepen your engagement with your members using digital organising methodologies.

Common Knowledge helped us hone our vision, sharpen our thinking, and design an institution nimble enough to iterate in structure and strategy as we entered a largely uncharted territory in an era characterised by a deep mismatch between the scale of our crises and the scale of our activism.

Paweł Wargan, Coordinator of the Secretariat, Progressive International