Common Knowledge

(A not-for-profit workers cooperative)
Activists and software developers designing platform-level tools to grow the grassroots left

Movement - the prototype platform for activism

We're building a platform for people to get involved in grassroots activism when they aren't sure where to start. Movement helps you put your principles into practice, learn new skills and spend time with locals who share your concerns 🙌.

What we're about

Right now we're developing a toolkit to link up established organisers, activists and those newly politicised and lower the barriers to wide-scale political activity.

But our broader ambition is to explore how pervasive technology can be used by the many to our material benefit, in our daily struggles and against all forms of domination.

We want to be self-critical, transparent and strategic in our work.

Check back soon when we'll start publishing regular reports.

Help sustain this

We rely on donations and grants to keep going. We use the money to conduct user research, collaborate with campaigning activists, bring together existing digital solutions and build new tools.
Our overarching goal is to accelerate the growth of the grassroots left, and minimise the barriers that people face to building power for themselves.
Your donation fuels all of this.
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