Labour Together 01.2020

GE2019 Labour Party campaign review

Strategic review of Labour's digital organising efforts during the 2019 General Election campaign.
Black and white illustration showing a complex flow diagram of the various elements of the campaign.

Common Knowledge interviewed a range of Labour Party staff, elected representatives and activist members as a contribution to the Labour Together 2019 election review , and contributed to editorial discussions between April and June.

Our research is documented in a two subsidiary reports that were used to inform the main publication released on 19th June. They analyse the Labour Party's organisational structures, ground operations and digital technology and look at attempts to bring community organising to the party.

Common Knowledge were brilliant to work with on our review of the 2019 General Election when we commissioned them to do a strategic review of Labour's organising methods and digital operations. Combining systems analysis with more in depth interviews, they were able to draft an incredibly useful contribution which identified not only the higher level systemic problems, but also some highly practical and concrete recommendations we could incorporate. They are very easy to work with and go above and beyond to make sure the projects they take on have significant genuine measurable outcomes. They rarely shy away from harder to solve problems and operate with real integrity and transparency. In our review team they were very open to collaborating with others and highly cognisant of the wider longer term impact of their work. I'd fully recommend them to any organisation grappling with a digital challenge.

Hannah O’Rourke, Director of Labour Together