Novara Media

2020 — Ongoing

Novara Media organisational coaching

Coaching members of Novara Media on a range of organisational and technical issues.

Since 2020, we have consulted with members of Novara Media on technical and organisational issues, drawing on our experience in software, start-ups and self-organisation in the radical left and cooperative movements.

We've worked with Common Knowledge on technical roadmapping, organisational consultation and much in between. For us, their unique value is in their attentiveness and respect towards our organisation's ethos, ambitions, idiosyncrasies and limitations. Whatever conundrum you're trying to work through: they get you. At every level throughout our work together, we really felt that Common Knowledge were invested in helping us succeed in our aims, and they've become our go-to collaborators on a range of operational projects.

Craig Gent, Head of Operations, Novara Media

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