Project Left Book Club 2021 — Ongoing

Left Book Club digital membership systems

A digital transformation project that involved a replatform of their website and organising infrastructure, technical support and strategic coaching.

Project London Renters Union 2022

Side With Renters

Technical support for London Renters Union's 2022 campaign for renters' rights.

Project Novara Media 2020 — Ongoing

Novara Media organisational coaching

Coaching members of Novara Media on a range of organisational and technical issues.

Project Zetkin Foundation 2021 — 2022

Zetkin Gen 3

User experience design for Zetkin, a platform for organising activism.

Project Zetkin Foundation 2021

Supporter App

An app for iOS and Android that provides people with pathways to get involved in their local election campaign.

Screenshot of Crimes of Solidarity homepage, detailing legal cases against people helping migrants.
Project University of Sheffield 2022

Crimes of Solidarity

An interactive archive of cases where people have been criminalised for helping migrants.

Project StopWatch 2021


A website that makes it easy for people to learn about the over-policing of marginalised communities, access support and share their experiences.

Project 2022 — Ongoing Discovery

Research and discovery to investigate how could migrate their digital estate to WordPress Gutenburg.

Project 2021


An integrated and opinionated collection of Django applications and Javascript components that helps you build software for organising and campaigning.

Project Just Treatment 2021

NHS New Deal

An online tool for Just Treatment to get people involved in their campaign for proper funding for the NHS.