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Thu 22 Dec 2022 Writing

End of 2022

Highlights from 2022 and looking forward to the new year

Happy solstice!

We’re delighted to share that the Civic Power Fund have recently selected us for one of their grant recipients. This funding will go towards building movement infrastructure to concretely improve the capacity of grassroots organisers in 2023.

Other highlights of this year include:

  • Helping launch the Enough is Enough campaign in response to the cost of living crisis.
  • Supporting London Renters Union in their campaign for renters' rights during the 2022 local election campaigns.
  • Re-platforming the Left Book Club’s digital systems and facilitating them to set up an online community forum and more in-person reading groups.
  • Launching the Smart Forests Atlas , a virtual field site that allows people to explore how digital technologies are transforming forests.
  • Helping facilitate workshops for the annual UnFound Accelerator , which helps teams turn innovative ideas into co-operatively owned tech platforms.
  • Redesigning and replatforming Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team ’s website — we’ve been heads down with this for months and are looking forward to launching it in the new year.
  • Anna Tokareva and Jamie Young joining our team.

We’re very conscious that lots more attention gets paid to launching new projects rather than maintaining existing ones, so we’d also like to thank the organisations that we provided ongoing support to over the year: GoodGym , 350.org , StopWatch , Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust , Furtherfield , Future Natures , The World Transformed and Novara Media .

Looking forward, we’re excited about projects we have lined up for the new year in collaboration with organisations like Platform , Pluto Press , SWARM , Uplift and the IWGB .

We’re also planning to generalise more of our past work: we began this last year with Groundwork , which has seen a few major deployments this year. With our friends at Act Build Change we will be running some training programmes to help build capacity within grassroots organisations. We may also be launching a new version of our own website…

But first we’re taking a few weeks off to rest!

As ever, you can support our work via Open Collective or by dropping us a line.