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Wed 20 Dec 2023 Writing

2023 wrap up: Anna's favourite project

Anna shares a bit about her favourite project from the year, what she's learned and what she's got planned for next year
Portrait of Anna

Favourite project from this year?

My favourite project that I’ve worked on this year has been the Solidarity Knows No Borders website for Migrants Organise . Migrants Organise provides a platform for refugees and migrants to organise for power, dignity and justice.

I enjoyed using the WordPress Full Site Editor for this project and getting to see how I could create a site flexible enough for customisation while maintaining a strong visual identity. The most challenging part of the site was the community map component but I think it works really well.

Screenshot of the community page, with a list of organisations on the left and map on the right.
Homepage of the Solidarity Knows No Borders site

Can you share a tip/tool/learning from this year that has work well for you?

Step back and take breaks.

As a junior software engineer I’m still learning everyday on the job. My tip for learning this year would be to take a step back from the problem and draw it out on a piece of paper or talk about it out loud. This has often helped me break through something I was stuck on. It also helped me to come up with solutions I hadn’t thought of before. Also valuable is taking a short break or a walk around the block!

What have you got planned for next year?

Data, React & Gutenberg Blocks

Next year I want to focus on fetching data from various sources and processing it according to the project’s needs. I also want to improve my skills with React and in particular building custom Gutenberg blocks for WordPress. As a co-op I hope that we can spend more time building digital infrastructure for movement groups that will solve some of their common problems.