Green New Deal UK


Green New Deal Rising

Simple yet distinctive visual identity for Green New Deal Rising, an organisation of young people fighting for climate justice.
A group of people walk through a city street, holding up Green New Deal Rising signs

Green New Deal Rising have a bold vision and clear plan, centred around empowering young people to create change from the bottom up. They don't just talk about what's wrong with the world: they propose concrete actions that we can take to address climate change and create millions of green jobs in the process.

In 2021, they asked us to design a new visual identity that would reflect their values and capture the energy of this youth-led movement.

A group of young people march through a central city street, holding Green New Deal Rising banners.

We designed a simple yet visually distinctive mark based on the symbol of a dandelion. The dandelion appealed to us because it is a symbol of resilience and decentralisation — it spreads far and wide, thanks to its airborne spores, and grows quickly in all sorts of environments.

Example of the Green New Deal rising logo in white, on a gradient background.

Dandelions spread not only themselves but their community structure, manifesting their essential qualities (which include healing and detoxifying the human body) to proliferate and thrive in a new environment.

adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy

The identity is both urgent and welcoming, open and adaptable — it can easily be drawn by anyone using the materials they have at hand. It represents both sunrise and roots: top-down and bottom-up change.

A woman paints the words Youth Rising for a Green New Deal on a banner on the floor
Simple instructions on how to draw the Green New Deal rising dandelion logo

We chose a bright, summery colour palette that gives a sense of optimism, abundance and collective joy.

A grid of colour and gradient variations of the Green New Deal rising logo and photo treatment

Common Knowledge were fantastic people to work with on our brand development and website. They understood what we were looking for, came up with some excellent concepts and worked really well under what was quite a tight deadline. We worked with a separate developer to set up the website, and the teams worked together well, super communicative and helpful. Would absolutely recommend and work with them again!

Ellen Lees, Digital Organising Lead, Green New Deal Rising

A person speaks into a megaphone at a Green New Deal rising rally, with a banner in the background
A group of young people hold up Green New Deal Rising signs and a large banner
Green New Deal Rising march during COP26 in Glasgow

Identity designed in collaboration with Autonomous Design Group .

Website developed by Green New Deal Rising's in-house team.