Enough is Enough


Enough is Enough

Responsive digital support for an ambitious campaign addressing the cost of living crisis.
Screenshots of the Enough is Enough website

Enough is Enough is a campaign to fight the cost of living crisis, against the misery forced on millions by rising bills, low wages, food poverty and shoddy housing. It is supported by the Communication Workers Union (CWU), RMT, FBU, ACORN, UCU and Tribune magazine.

In the first month of campaigning, the initiative had 500,000 sign-ups.

Screenshots of the mobile website

We worked with their internal team and designer Everett Epstein to build their website, set up their digital infrastructure and train the team on how to use these tools.

We chose a lightweight combination of a WordPress website linked to a Mailchimp list via Gravity Forms. We taught the team how to split their mailing list and target it geographically. We embraced WordPress Full Site Editing to the fullest, allowing a rapid build and the team to change the design on the fly.

Later, we facilitated a migration from Mailchimp to Action Network in response to the rapid growth of the campaign. This enabled the team to create landing pages and distribute organising responsibility across their network. We trained the team up on this new system and show them how to use the more advanced functionality. This also lowered the cost of emailing such a large list regularly.

We now provide ongoing support and digital expertise to the Enough is Enough campaign.