We work with grassroots organisers and communities around the world to build power and achieve radical change.

We are a not-for-profit worker cooperative of technologists, designers, researchers and facilitators. We use digital technologies to multiply the impact and capacity of social movements.

Our values


We act in solidarity with those who are struggling against all forms of oppression. Solidarity is power. Diversity is strength.


We cultivate reciprocal relationships where we can practice collaboration and generosity, not competition and scarcity. We see the commons as our opportunity to have the biggest impact.


We understand and respect the complexity of political and technological structures. We trust people to know their own context best. We think before intervening and intervene at the appropriate scale. We listen deeply and reflect with intention.


We believe learning is an endless journey. We use theory and practice to intensify each other. We are curious, creative and interdisciplinary. We ask questions and lean into change.


We approach problems as challenges and see failures as opportunities to grow. We remember the capacity of people to collectively build a better future. We trust that people can.

What we do

  1. Design and build digital software
  2. Provide training and strategic advice
  3. Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources between organisations

Diagram illustrating our activities, which include building digital infrastructure, consultancy and facilitation

How we work

We place a strong focus on building trust and shared understanding with the organisers we work with. We listen to their needs, work out we could support and amplify their work, and design tools in direct collaboration with them.

We work in agile sprints: short bursts of focused activity where we follow a build-measure-learn cycle. This enables us to iterate quickly and efficiently, ensuring that we meet real needs without wasting resources on unnecessary features.

Who we are

We have a core team of four whose skillset includes political organising, strategy, software engineering, user research, project management, graphic and digital product design.

Alex Worrad-Andrews

Software Engineering and Project Management (he/him)

Anna Cunnane

Software Engineering Apprentice (she/her)

Gemma Copeland

Design and Research (she/her)

Jan Baykara

Software Engineering, User Research and Product Design (he/him)

Associate Members

In addition to our core team, we have a network of collaborators who join us for projects where their expertise is required.

Chris Devereux (he/him), Everin Scott (they/them) and John Evans (he/him)

Support our work

We finance our solidarity work through grants and consultancy for organisations that align with our values and mission.

We have previously received grants from the National Lottery Community Fund, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung, Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn trust, Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust and Lipman-Miliband Trust. If you're interested in funding our work, please get in touch.

If you are an individual who would like to support our work, you can make a donation directly:

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